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Ginger Extra Dry

Ginger Extra Dry

GED Ginger Extra Dry 4.8% ABV


Flavour Profile: Malty, Honey, Ginger, Refreshing 


Whether it’s Ranga, Blood Nut, Bluey or simply just Red, the endless nicknames have made you lot a resilient bunch! You’re larrikins to boot and you should wear your dry sense of humour as a badge of honour.


  • Available in 8 packs (8 x 330ml bottles) or cartons (16 x 330ml bottles)
  • 1.3 standard drinks per bottle
  • Vegetarian (contains honey and lactose)
  • Serve bloody cold and in a glass
  • Product of Australia
  • Naturally brewed using water harvested from the mountains and valleys of the Scenic Rim
  • Crafted onsite at Scenic Rim Brewery, Mount Alford, Queensland, Australia
  • Store upright in a cool, dark place to keep this product in optimum condition
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