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Scenic Rim Brewery Beer Tasting Paddle


100% natural craft beer sustainably brewed in the Scenic Rim

Our beers have been developed to quench more than your thirst. The dedication of our head brewer Mike combined with the best quality ingredients, ensures an all round sensory experience that appeals to all palates.

Every one of our beers has a character and story that harnesses the larrikin nature of typical Australians. Each brew celebrates the people we love and the place we call home. Visit our online store to watch a virtual tasting and place an order. 

Scenic Rim Brewery Ginger Extra Dry


Whether it’s Ranga, Blood Nut, Bluey or simply just Red, the endless nicknames have made you lot a resilient bunch! You’re larrikins to boot and you should wear your dry sense of humour as a badge of honour.

Scenic Rim Brewery Shazza Mid Strength Pale Ale


She might not pack a punch like the rest of the family but Shazza’s character is unmissable. A sessionable ale that’s milder on the palate yet still retains well-rounded flavour.

Our Brews
Scenic Rim Brewery Digga's Pale Ale


Digga’s Pale Ale is brewed with a unique blend of hops and a fruity yeast to give it a spicy yet nostalgic flavour. Just like Digga, this beer has the taste and character of a bygone era.

Scenic Rim Brewery Fat Man Maroon Ale


Our milder variety of hops will leave behind a slight bitter taste, but we promise it’ll be nothing like what a New South Welshman experiences after frequent losses. You can’t lose with Fat Man!

Scenic Rim Brewery Giddy Gout Milk Stout


Is it roasted malt? Is it chocolate? Is it smooth? Or is it sweet? Yes! It's all of this and more! Just like a chocolate milkshake only better...

Scenic Rim Brewery Phar Que Belgian Abbey Ale


Phar Que’s a dark horse and this beer, his legacy, is dark in colour but sweet in nature. It’ll sharpen your senses, raise your hopes and get your heart galloping.

Scenic Rim Brewery Beauy & Blue Spiced Pumpkin Ale


Delicately crafted with locally grown Beaudesert blue pumpkins and a hint of spice, the subtle pumpkin flavour is rounded out with nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon notes. A traditional pale ale with a full mouth feel.

Scenic Rim Brewery Larrikin Shirts


Our larrikins are a handful and inspired by the people we know and love. Become part of our family with your very own Scenic Rim Brewery shirt. They're tongue-in-cheek and always worn with pride!

Scenic Rim Brewery Beer Taps

We handcraft everything onsite in our 130 year old heritage listed building. From brewing in the large copper tanks, to the labelling and hand packaging of every bottle of beer, we’re proud of our sustainable practises and approach to reducing our environmental impact.

We take our craft seriously and are serious about reducing our carbon footprint. Living in a region that’s scenic by nature, not just name, we want to ensure our product has zero impact on the environment whilst at the same time deliver quality beer for our customers.

Our beer is produced with 100% natural ingredients – that means no chemicals or artificial preservatives. In fact, we harness the natural preserving qualities of hops to maintain the great taste and flavour of our brews. Unlike mass produced mainstream beer, nothing is removed by pasteurising or filtering, allowing us to make beers full of flavour and live yeast. By honouring our natural processes we capture naturally occurring probiotics, flavonoids, antioxidants, peptides, carbohydrates and minerals.


We research our recipes extensively to take advantage of techniques and practises of a bygone era. This enables us to develop flavour profiles unique to our region and support local producers with the addition of ingredients like honey, whey and vegetables.


Every drop counts when you use water collected from the hills and valleys of the Scenic Rim. This is why we’ve built our own onsite water treatment facility, only use biodegradable cleaning products and are extremely proud of the fact we produce less than 1/5 of the amount of waste water than the rest of the brewing industry. Even our packaging is made from recycled materials or promotes reuse and recycling. Not to mention the local farm animals who love munching on our brewing grain as well as the compostable scraps from our café.

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Giddy Gout Milk Stout
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